Duplex Luxury Home Builders

Discover the perfect housing solution with EMPCON’s luxury duplex building services. Duplex homes offer affordability without compromising on quality. They are a cost-effective way to achieve homeownership and present excellent investment opportunities. With our expertise, we can create luxury duplex homes that maximize space and functionality, providing comfortable living for families or generating rental income or both! Experience the benefits of an affordable and profitable housing solution with our reliable duplex building service. Your dream of owning a duplex home is within reach!


There are two main types of duplex homes: semi-detached houses and attached duplexes.

Both semi-detached houses and attached duplex’s offer affordable housing options and potential investment opportunities. The choice between the two depends on personal preferences, desired level of privacy, and specific needs.

Experience the ultimate in duplex living with EMPCON. Our extensive range of quality designs ensures versatility and flexibility. Let us build the perfect home façade tailored to your lifestyle and needs. Enquire with our team today.


A semi-detached house is a type of duplex where two separate units are joined by a common wall, typically sharing a similar layout. Each unit has its own entrance, backyard and garage.


  • Privacy: Each unit has its separate entrance, providing privacy and a sense of individuality.
  • Noise Reduction: The shared wall in a semi-detached house helps to minimize noise transmission between the units.
  • Cost-Effective: Semi-detached houses are often more affordable compared to fully detached homes, making them an attractive option for homeownership.`


An attached duplex refers to two units that are connected side by side, usually sharing a party wall under one roof. The units can have the same or different floor plans and they are individually owned and sold.

  • Flexibility: Attached duplexes offer flexibility in terms of floor plans and layout options, allowing for customization based on individual preferences.
  • Efficient Land Use: Attached duplexes maximize land use, as they can be built on narrower lots or in urban areas with limited space.
  • Rental Income Potential: The presence of two separate units provides the opportunity to rent out one unit while living in the other, generating additional income.


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